Filter 250 GR
Filter 250 GR
Filter 250 GR
Filter 250 GR

Filter 250 GR

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Experience the pure essence of cleanliness and silkiness with delightful citrus hints of lime and stone fruits. As you savor each sip, embrace the refreshing and airy notes of lime that dance on your palate.

Pueblo Bello - Cesar - Colombia

Elizabeth Amaya

Castillo, Colombia

1530 m.a.s.l.


  • Washed
  • Sun Dried

Filter Recipe

  • You'll see a lot of different proportions suggested, but 1:17 (1 g of coffee per 17 g of water) is generally accepted as a good starting point.
    Make some preparations with this ratio, but modify the factors that affect the extraction, such as the size of the grind and the temperature of the water, one at a time, until you find a recipe that is good for you.

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Our estate coffee

The coffee in the mountains of Sierra Nevada is famous for its unique flavor with a soft acidity and its very traditional cultivation methods with only one harvest per year.
At Santa Tirsa, we grow coffee under the shadow of local guamos and banana trees in an ecological environment.
It shows in the taste of our coffee with its strong body, soft acidity and flavors of red fruits.