FINCA SANTA TIRSA is a charming family-run coffee farm nestled in the picturesque southern region of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.
Situated at an altitude ranging from 1,400 to 1,600 Masl, on 35 hectares of prime coffee-growing land, Santa Tirsa breathes a rich history spanning three generations.
Immerse yourself in the magic and experience unique flavors cultivated with love and dedication.


Our formula

The coffee in this region is famous for its traditional cultivation methods and its unique flavors. In Santa Tirsa, coffee only grows in the shadow under large guamo and banana trees in an ecological environment. This yields a coffee with soft acidity, flavors of red fruits with a strong body.

Santa Tirsa Coffee Estate

Municipality of Cesar

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta



Family business

Social responsibility is not a label at Santa Tirsa but part of over 70 years family legacy.
Francisco, son of Camilo Villazón Pumarejo, who founded Santa Tirsa in 1941, built the first local primary school which still operates today.

Ask us

We only offer single estate coffee beans from Santa Tirsa Finca, mostly Castillo beans and Variedad Colombia.

We don't believe in expensive labels, but live sustainable coffee farming since our foundation. All our coffees are shade grown and cultivated organically.

Being a small family-run coffee estate allows us to take best care of each single coffee lot and apply a long harvesting period.

We only offer single origin, true estate coffee (no blends). We can differentiate our coffee harvest by each lot and can recommend you different roasting profiles.

You can contact us at for any questions.
And you can visit us in person at Santa Tirsa or at our coffee shop in Pueblo Bello!

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