Authentic Specialty Coffee
Santa Tirsa provides the experience of a high quality and authentic specialty coffee. The coffee is cultivated proudly in third generation by the Villazón family and fully traceable down to the lot of land where the coffee cherries have grown. 
Santa Tirsa is located in the southern part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia at 1400-1600masl (ca. 4700-5'300 feet). All coffee at  Santa Tirsa is shade-grown. In fact 60% of the plantation's surface is reserved for guamo, banana and other trees to provide a natural habitat for plants and animals and to shield the coffee plants from direct sunlight. 
The coffee is processed under the traditional wet method and dried in the sun in "African beds".  
Below graph provides an overview of the different parcels, their height and characteristics. 

Varieties and Quality
Santa Tirsa currently cultivates Variedad Colombia and Castillo, both with strong body, traces of red fruits and milder acidity for Colombia than the Castillo, which has a bit stronger body, too. Other varieties are currently being established. 
Our coffees have participated in various cupping events and received SCAA speciality coffee ratings. 
We invite our consumers to provide us with their feedback to further improve our quality.

Direct Trade - No Middlemen
Santa Tirsa offers high quality authentic specialty coffee, harvested under conditions respectful of its employees and mother nature, directly to the consumer - excluding middlemen, like cooperatives or the infamous "coyotes" (local intermediaries).  
Please contact us at to discuss current offerings and possible collaborations.