More Than Just a Drink
Coffee is more than just a drink, it goes beyond being a refreshment for pure pleasure. To many coffee is very personal and invokes profound feelings. The deepest and most authentic feelings we have are with our family and friends. Santa Tirsa Coffee gives you just that. Grown in Colombia on the Santa Tirsa farm for three generations of the Villazón family it is more than a business; it is a tradition of handcraft, care and passion, passed from one generation to the next. 
The Santa Tirsa coffe is authentic speciality coffee traceable to the parcel of land and the plant where the coffee cherries have been grown and picked.

Our Story
When in  1943  young Camilo Villazón Pumarejo, who became to be my grandfather, ventured out into the Colombian frontier in the southern part of Sierra Nevada in the Region of Cesár, he found a wonderful pristine mountainous area, which convinced him to stay. Camilo settled in the region and started a little coffee producing farm, which he named after the biblical place and the name of his youngest and most tender sister Tirsa.
Camilo married a local native Wayuu woman and had five sons and four daugthers with her - the family happily lived of the small scale production of their coffee at 1400masl. Camilo's constant and generous contribution to the local society are being remembered by the regional hospital, located in Pueblo Bello approx. 20 miles from the Finca, which still carries his name Camilo Villazón Pumarejo. 
Francisco, the most talented of Camilo's son, continued to develop Santa Tirsa to another level hiring local workers, investing into new methods for refining the harvested coffee cherries. He also donated land and resources to build a school on the farm's land.
The tragic turmoil and political unrest in Colombia and the Cesar region in particular have taken a terrible toll on the area - and on my, the Villazón, family most strikingly with the assassination of my father Francisco in 1985.

Despite the loss of the family's head and the enduring threats and violence, Francisco's widow Elizabeth and mother of three took over responsibility. She held the family together and defended the Finca against terrorist attacks in the 1980s and 1990s.
It is to this day, that my brother, my sister and I, Camilo's grandchildren, keep the family tradition, live in the area and dedicate our passion to making our authentic specialty coffee just like our forefathers did...long before the term existed. At Santa Tirsa coffee has always been grown under shaded trees, processed by traditional methods in close harmony with nature.

Today Santa Tirsa Coffee is what our modern world would call a brand. Many of today's brands have a similar origin and history but somehow lost their soul on the way to a marketable product. In the end some of these brands offer you a good coffee, but many don't offer you a good feeling. At Santa Tirsa, we do. We care about our tradition and we care about the experience we take it as our promise.

Typical Producers
We, the producers of Santa Tirsa Coffee don't talk much about authenticity - we just are authentic. Click below to see portraits of some of us, the producers of our authentic specialty coffee.
 Kelly "La Niña" Villazon