“The work days are long and hard – being the cook at Santa Tirsa, I make sure that, 'a good meal makes a happy heart' as we say in Colombia"

Marien, is the wife of Nico, Icha’s nice and for most of the seasonal workers at Santa Tirsa probably most importantly:  the always upbeat and cheerful cook of Santa Tirsa. She makes sure that all of the Santa Tirsa team, the harvesters, the sorters and packers and everyone else at the farm are always well-fed and in a cheery mood.

Marien's cooking uses almost entirely Santa Tirsa products. Her most renowned plate is "Sopas de Carne", a tasty meat stew with yuka...which is usually served on Thursdays and which provides the team members with the necesasary stamina to climb those narrow paths up the coffee mountains.