La Niña

“I want the world to share the experience of tasting specialty coffee from Santa’ Tirsa’s micro-lotes in the Sierra”

Being the youngest of Icha’s children, Kelly has been called La Niña (the “gal”) since her earliest days. Like her brother and her sister she grew up in Santa Tirsa, where above all she enjoyed her free time horse-back riding the “Colombian way” (no saddle). 
Still, she had always wanted to leave this little place to explore the world beyond the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. After she finished secondary school in close-by Valledupar, she decided to travel to Europe and settled in Neuchâtel at the age of 19 with the help of her aunt Nahidud.Towards the end of her university, which she financed as a waiter and kindergardener, she met the love of her life and decided after a short return to Colombia to move back to Basel.
Now, while she found love in Switzerland, her passion and a great part of the heart remain in Santa Tirsa. This is why she decided on yet another journey: her vision to bring the wonderful coffee flavor of her “Finca” to the world to establish a direct link between the producers of this authentic specialty coffee and the consumers and connoisseurs of fine coffees.

Consumers shall be able to taste the coffee of Santa Tirsa’s parcels, which already her grandfather cultivated some 70 years ago.