Icha (Eetcha)

“I held firm onto our small coffee business in the most terrible of times… and I never regretted that I did

Icha’s official name is Elizabeth Amaya she has become the head of the Villazón Amaya family after the tragic assassination of her husband Francisco – son of Camilo Villazón Pumarejo, the founder of the Santa Tirsa farm. It was her who weathered Santa Tirsa through the terrible decades of war and terror and held on to the cradle of the family’s small coffee business.

Being a mother of three, Icha is a constant worker and a “campesina” (farmer) at heart. 

Icha usually has her cup of Santa Tirsa’s coffee, roasted in a fry pan, at 4am every morning before making sure the cows are being milked and before feeding the free-running chickens on the farm. Her pride is the organic garden, where she grows beautiful flowers, yucca, avocados and tomatoes.