From the Family to the Family
The distance between coffee producers and consumers can create an uncomfortable anonymity. Although we can't do anything about the geographical distance, we do our best to keep the "emotional distance" as narrow as possible. When we promise authentic specialty coffee in our claim, we mean direct from the family of the producers to the family of the consumers. 

High Quality Specialty Coffee
The coffee from the southern part of the Colombian Sierra Nevada is best known for ist unique taste and its traditional cultivation methods. At Santa Tirsa the coffee grows shaded under guamo and banana trees using eco-friendly and sustainable cultivation. This together with rigorous processing and quality controls allows us to produce high quality coffee beans. The taste of our coffee has a strong body, rather mild acidity and rich flavor of red berries.

See the Coffee Grow
We want as much of this full flavour as possible to be in the coffee cup. Roasting, refining, packaging should all be done in the most careful and appropriate way for this unique coffee. Being the producers, we want to open a direct path for the consumers. Suggestions, ideas and requests from our customers are important to us and we take them all very seriously. For those with the desire and conviction they can come visit us and see where the plants of our coffee grow.

Typical Consumers
As individual as the consumers of Santa Tirsa Coffee are, they have one thing in common: a passion for excellent and autentic specialty coffee. Click below to see some portraits of some of the typical consumers and subscribers to Santa Tirsa.