Finca Santa Tirsa
Finca Santa Tirsa is a third generation, family-owned, coffee farm located in the Southern part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (provincia del Cesar) in Colombia at an altitud of 1'400 to 1'600 masl (approx. 4'700 to 5'300 feet) with approx. 35 hectar of land being suitable for coffee production. 
The closest town, Pueblo Bello, 2 hours away of rough travel over muddy paths and through wild forests, has an estimated 15 thousand inhabitants mostly of Arhuaco and Chimila decent.
The coffee of this region is best known for its unique taste with a mild acidity and its very traditional cultivation methods.  At Santa Tirsa the coffee grows shaded under Guamo and banana trees in a eco-friendly environment. The taste of our coffee has a strong body, mild acidity and flavors of red berries.

Business Approach 
The objective of Santa Tirsa is to offer high quality authentic specialty coffee, harvested under conditions respectful of its employees and mother nature, directly to the consumer - excluding infamous "coyotes (local intermediaries). 

La Comunidad - Social Responsibilty 
Social responsibility is not a label or a certification at Santa Tirsa but part of our over 70 year old history and tradition.
The constant and generous contribution of the Villazón family to the local society are being remembered by the regional hospital located in Pueblo Bello, carrying the name of name Camilo Villazón Pumarejo who founded Santa Tirsa, and the elementary school hosted and sponsered on Santa Tirsa's land.