"After working two years at a multi-national firm, I went back to Santa Tirsa to return to my life as a true Cafetero”

Nelson Crispín “Chiche” Villazón, is the oldest of Icha’s children. Since he can remember he has been called by the name of Chiche. He grew up at Santa Tirsa and started working when he was 13 years old. He is a proud father of three cheerful children, Franklin, Luis and Maria-Gabriela.

It was when Chiche ventured out from the region for a well-paid job at a multinational company, when he realized how different life at a big corporate is and how satisfying in comparison life can be when growing your own coffee in abundant nature at 1400 meter above sea-level. After two years at Glencore he returned to Santa Tirsa to work as a full time coffee farmer. 
He enjoys spending his limited free time with his beloved family in the countryside with a “sancocho de gallina” (hot chicken stew with lots of Yuka).