“Coffee is not simply coffee: besides excellence in taste and quality, it is the story behind that must be authentic”

Axel was born in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, which is home to the third largest sea harbor in the world and one of the largest trading places for coffee. After several years in grain trading in Hamburg, Axel is now located in Geneva as an international sales manager at a multinational inspection company, a job which keeps him on the road a lot.

In spite of his busy job and a wonderful family, he is a very active skier and sailor. When it comes to food and drinks, he takes his time and knows where to go. With the Vaudoise vineyards close by he and his wife enjoy walking in the area to taste the local white wine – produced by families and people he knows and trusts. Being a close to friend to the Santa Tirsa family, he enjoys this coffee with its rich flavor of red berries and full body. Coffee for him is not simply coffee, he looks for best quality and people who stand for their product and values.